Learning Mobility to Grondalsskolan Sweden in January 2019

Our Erasmus+ journey began with a trip to Stockholm in January 2019. It was a wonderful learning experience for all involved and many long lasting links were forged with our European partners. Below, we paint a picture of what a school day in Sweden is like:


The children attending the school have a much earlier start than the children in any schools in Ireland

Each class from the youngest to the senior have the same visual timetables in each room. The teacher goes through these each morning outlining what the children will be doing that day.

In the “cloakroom” there is room for the children coats and their winter gear. The children all live relatively close and walk to school whatever the weather each day. Each pupil has a section in the “cloakroom” and their personalized profile that included a bit about them and their picture


The classrooms are laid out very differently to that of the rooms in Ireland. There is much less furniture in them and the children’s desks tend to be on the periphery of the room

The chairs in each class have tennis balls under each leg of the chair to muffle the noise for any pupils who have issues with loud noises in the room.

Each class has an Interactive White Board. 

There is a lot of pupils work and art displayed on the walls in the classroom and in the corridors and other multipurpose rooms.

Each of the “infant” classrooms has an extra-large circular mat on which the teacher brings them together regularly to discuss the activities during their day.


In the junior classes there are two teachers and an assistant to support the children. The teachers take it in turns to teach a lesson and then divide into two groups to complete the activities.


The children get their lunch in the canteen daily. There is 15 minutes eating time for each class. There is a rota for each class to inform them of a time to go for food daily. While in the canteen for the 15 minutes once they have gotten the food sit in silence with their teacher. They then go outside for the remainder of their lunch.


The children have an abundance of climbing frames and equipment in the yard.

There is a sports shed manned by and assistant & the children can come to borrow equipment games to play with during their lunch time.

The children go out in all weather conditions they just make sure they are dressed appropriately

After School:

The parents can pay €100 a month to extend the children’s day in school until 6pm if they are working.

The children to a range of fun activities in the after-school care.

The children are fed in the canteen again if they are having an extended day in school.

Education System:

The school oversees their own budget.

They employ teachers directly. The teacher must haggle with the Principal to get a rise the next year and prove to him that they have earned the extra money.

The Principal oversees the running and staffing of the canteen also

The Principal is employed directly by the Department of Education and manages the school

The Deputy Principal is responsible for the teachers and the education of the pupils

There are designated Special Education teachers and classes.

Preschool is now compulsory in Sweden. 

The curriculum taught tin Sweden is based on outcomes and the students must achieve the outcomes to move on to the next grade.

General Observations:

The school system is excellent in Sweden - exposing the children to a huge variety of activities and subjects.

The practical subjects have a dedicated room fully equipped with specialized teachers.

The children and their teacher have a very informal relationship

The school we visited gave a lot of opportunity to pupils to work independently in various chill out rooms scattered throughout the school.

The Deputy Principal had an excellent relationship with teachers and pupils in the school.

The Principal was a manager rather than a Principal teacher.


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